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Free Books Via BookSweep

This month I entered a competition on BookSweep to win some books. I know I already have lots of books, but thought I’d give it a go. Sadly I didn’t win but I’ve heard from most of the authors that had a book in the competition. Where they gave me a free copy of one of their books.

Here’s a list of their books:

  1. One Night with a Viking by Mariah Stone
  2. Ten Minutes Past Teatime by Elizabeth Chatsworth
  3. Six (A Demon Romance #1) by Carrie Thorn
  4. Oleander memories are Deleted in Space by Ryan Armstrong
  5. In the Darkness by Leann Ryans
  6. The Dead Celeb by Michele Scott
  7. Furever Mated by Meredith Clarke
  8. The Crimson Inkwell by Kenneth A Baldwin
  9. Seal of Time by Sharon Hamilton
  10. Drashar by Harpie Alexander
  11. Midnight Magic (A Ghost and Abby Mystery #1) by Jo-Ann Carson
  12. Alien Warrior Soulmate by Tammy Walsh
  13. To Desire a Scoundrel by Tracy Sumner
  14. Midnight Conquest by Arial Burnz
  15. The Price of Freedom by Kenneth A Baldwin
  16. Pirates Treasure by Mariah Stone
  17. The Red Diamond (Iman’s Journal #1) by Emily Flowers
  18. The keeper (A Brilliant Darkness Story) by A G Henley
  19. Love, Pugs and Other Problems by A G Henley
  20. The Date by D R Baily
  21. Aimpoint by Candance Irving
  22. An Unconditional Surrender by Candace Irving
  23. Can’t Forget You by Emma Vikes
  24. Gift from the Vampire by A Kimberly Forrest
  25. Kerrick by Dale Mayer
  26. Frostbitten Hearts (A Bond by Blood Novella) Arial Burnz
  27. My Baby Wrote Me a Letter by Jacquie Bigger
  28. Discovered Beginnings by Julie Bawden-Davis
  29. Celestial Desire by Abbie Zanders
  30. Tis the Season for Romance by Kristen Proby
  31. Maid in Time: Only Time Will Tell by Leann Ryans

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