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Books Acquired Via BookBub November 2020

This month I’ve managed to download just 1 more free books than I did last month. Lets face it though who can resist free books? If your interested in getting free eBooks then why not join BookBub it’s free and you control how often you hear from them. If you are interested then just click on the link below.

This months books are:

  1. Clutch (Trojan #1) by S M West
  2. Counsellor (Acquisition Series #1) by Celia Aaron
  3. Demons and Dragons (Dragons Reign Box Set 1-5) by Kit Bladegrave
  4. Magically Bound (Hunter Witch Agency #1) by Rachel Medhurst
  5. Curse of Christmas (A Collection of Paranormal Romance) by Various Authors
  6. Maple Sugar Crush #2 by Beth Labonte
  7. The Black Hornets MC Series 1-6 by Savannah Rylan
  8. A Mate for the Christmas Dragon by Zoe Chant

*** Let me know if your a member of BookBub or if you have read any of these books that I have downloaded. ***

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