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The Last Piece

By Imogen Clark

I found this book to be very predictable, which takes out the enjoyment out of reading for me. Whether I feel this way because of the amount of books I read, I’m not sure. However I’m sure some people will enjoy this book, but sadly it wasn’t for me.

Cecily & Norman Nightingale have three grown up daughters, but unbeknown to their daughters they have been keeping a big secret from them. This secret goes back to before any of them were born.

Suddenly one day Cecily goes running off to Greece leaving her husband and children in the lurch. A few days before she ran off she received a letter in the post, giving her instructions to go to a rural retreat in Greece. The letter also stated that everything was paid for. Cecily had been waiting a long time for this. So she knew that she didn’t have any other option but to go.

The daughters go around to their parents house, to see what they can find out from their father. Their father doesn’t tell them anything and says they will have to wait till their mother gets back. The daughters are also upset that she has left their father alone to fend for himself and that she also isn’t there to look after grandchildren and generally run around after them all.

Cecily isn’t sure what to expect or what will happen at the Greek retreat. as she is hoping to meet her long lost older daughter. She hasn’t seen her daughter since the day she had to give her up. Cecily wasn’t given the options of keeping her daughter. She had to do what her parents told her.

Cecily also has no idea as to when or if her long lost daughter will contact her or even let herself be know. The weight of all of this along with the waiting is causing Cecily a lot of anxiety, so much so she wonders why she has gone. She was also wishing that her husband was with her, as he always knows what to do and say.

Eventually Cecily meets her daughter but things don’t go as she hoped and expected. Her daughter seemed cold and distant. She knew that her daughter held all of the cards, but she did invite her to meet the rest of the family.

When she finally arrives home she has to sit down and tell her daughters that they have an older sister. Not only that but their father’s deceased brother is their half sisters father and that their father is her uncle.

Everyone’s lives are turned upside down and things don’t go well when they all meet up. Will the sisters accept and eventually take in their estranged sister in to their lives. Will they also be able to forgive and get their lives back on track or will the secrets cause a rift that can’t be healed.

Pages: 306, Publication Date: 28 July 2020, My Rating:

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