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The Summer Fields

by L P Fergusson Another great book by L P Fergusson. I couldn't put it down, I ended up reading late in to the night on a couple of occasions, until I finished the book. This book was like reading a classic such as Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. Except that you didn't have to try… Continue reading The Summer Fields

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Aria’s Travelling Bookshop

by Rebecca Raisin I quite enjoyed this book, but I don't think I'd read anymore in this series. As the book wasn't quite my type of read. I felt as though the story was quite predictable, and like many other romance books out there. The only difference is that the characters were nomads travelling though… Continue reading Aria’s Travelling Bookshop

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The Animals of Lockwood Manor

by Jane Healey I felt quite disappointed in this book, even though the synopsis made it sound just my type of book, it wasn't really. I think it's the style of the writing and the way in which it has been written. It also felt very long winded too. Just because it wasn't to my… Continue reading The Animals of Lockwood Manor

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Random Book of the Month April 2020

Thank you for popping by to see what Random Book of the Month I have picked out of the Jar of Books for April 2020. This month I was lucky that I hadn’t already read the first book I pulled out of the Jar of Books. Luke: Unzipped Parts 1, 2 & 3 by Cassia… Continue reading Random Book of the Month April 2020

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We Germans

by Alexander Starritt We all know what WWII was like from the British view point, but have you ever wondered what it was like to be on the losing side? I have many many times, my parents grew up during the war. My mother & father have told me many things about what it was… Continue reading We Germans