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Aria’s Travelling Bookshop

by Rebecca Raisin

I quite enjoyed this book, but I don’t think I’d read anymore in this series. As the book wasn’t quite my type of read. I felt as though the story was quite predictable, and like many other romance books out there. The only difference is that the characters were nomads travelling though England and France.

This book has some sorrow and laugh out loud moments with lots of possibilities along the way with the beauty of France as it’s backdrop, but sadly I found it lacking. However I’m sure there are many others out there that absolutely loved this book, but sadly it’s just not my style of book.

Aria is a grieving widow who has left her normal life behind to become a nomad. Where she’s met up with other like minded people, who also travel the country and go to various types of festivals to sell their wears.

All of the nomads have some type of trade or fare that they can sell at the venues they go to. This is basically how they all fund their life style. Aria’s best friend Rosie used to be a Michelin Star Chef and now she makes comfort food that has people queuing up just to get a taste of it, at every venue they go to.

This year they have decided to travel through France and participate in their festivals for a change. As they hope to combine the festivals and some sight seeing in one big summer adventure.

Before Aria and her friends left London to travel to Calais. The nomads got together and had a big farewell party as only a few of them were going to France as the rest would do the English festival circuit as usual. As the evening was coming to an end for Aria, in her wine addled brain she thinks she sees Jonathan in the crowed. He’s a man she met the summer before at a big music festival. Before she knows it she’s in Jonathan’s arms and they have just had the most passionate kiss she ever though possible. She starts to feel very guilty about this and yet again she runs off back to the safety of her van.

Once they hit France they all quickly settle in to a new routine, of sight seeing and trying all the culinary delights of the area. Aria goes off exploring as many odd little French book shops that she can find, hunting out any English books she can add to her own inventory.

In one particular book shop Aria just stops dead and Rosie becomes concerned about her, until she realises she’s looking at a poster with Jonathan’s face on it. Advertising an intimate book reading with the author, which was held a few days before.

Rosie didn’t realise Aria didn’t know he was a famous author, as she had known all along. This made Aria cringe as she replayed their previous conversations, where they talked all about books and how they should be written.

Over the course of the next few weeks Jonathan keeps turning up, and hanging around with them any chance he gets. He also keeps bumping into Aria in the most unusual places and quite by accident. It’s as though the powers that be are trying to tell Aria something, but to even think about him and the connection they have she feels deep deep guilt.

Will Aria let go of her guilt and see what she can build with Jonathan. Is Jonathan willing to to wait for Aria to come around to what he knows they can have?

Pages: 384, Publication Date: 8 April 2020, My Rating:

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