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As I Recall: A Bevin Boy’s Story

by Derek Hollows R.I.P. This isn't my usual type of book review. It's in honour of the Author Derek Hollows who was my Uncle who sadly passed away last week at the age of 92. RIP Derek HollowsTake around 1976as I like to remember him. He was a remarkable, educated man who loved his family… Continue reading As I Recall: A Bevin Boy’s Story
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A Dangerous Act of Kindness

by L. P. Fergusson Where to start!!!! This historical fiction book is definitely a must read if you enjoy reading historical fiction based around WWII and enjoy works by Authors such as: Marius Gabriel or Janet MacLeod Trotter. Millie Sanger is a young widow struggling to keep the dairy farm that had been in her… Continue reading A Dangerous Act of Kindness