Book Review

A Dangerous Act of Kindness

by L. P. Fergusson

Where to start!!!! This historical fiction book is definitely a must read if you enjoy reading historical fiction based around WWII and enjoy works by Authors such as: Marius Gabriel or Janet MacLeod Trotter.

Millie Sanger is a young widow struggling to keep the dairy farm that had been in her husband’s family for generations. As the War Agricultural Executive Committees (War Ags) is wanting to take the farm off her unless she ups its production.

One evening just before a blizzard cuts off her farm from the outside world, Millie is out checking her farm when her dog runs off. She goes after him and ends up by one of the more remote unused barns. The same barn her husband killed himself in. So with trepidation she goes in to find her dog is growling at a man. Not just any man, but the pilot from the Messerschmitt, a Lukas Schiller. He appears to be injured and struggling to keep his gun raised at the dog.

Overcoming her fear she becomes consumed with pity for the injured pilot. Taking him to her farm house where she sees to his injuries, lets him clean up gives him some of her dead husbands clothes to wear. All the while the blizzard has started to set in.

Lukas goes to leave but Millie persuades him to stay as the weather in constantly closing in on them. She fears for him, how he will survive, if found will he be killed?

In the coming days Millie and Lukas have formed their own little bubble cut off from the world outside. Here there is no war there are no sides, just a blossoming and overwhelming love for each other.

All to soon the weather breaks and the snow starts to melt. They both know that they have no choice, Lukas has to leave and put a distance between himself and Millie to protect her from being accused as a collaborator as its a hanging offence.

Lukas is eventually captured and sent to a pow camp. Where they offer him a deal to keep Millie safe from any kind of punishment for helping him. He agrees to take up the deal and spends most of the war transcribing German pow’s conversations. To find out anything useful to help them win the war.

During the remainder of the war we see how life pans out for both Millie and Lukas. Where they both keep their love for each other close to their hearts in hope one day they will be together.

You want to dislike Lukas but the man isn’t responsible for the atrocities that his fellow Germans are ordered and some relished to do. War brings out good and bad in everyone.

When the war end will they ever see each other again and overcome any hurdles that may come their way? Or are their lives on a different unchangeable path?

I have to give this book 5 stars, great story line, with depth and feeling, guilt over loving the wrong man/woman, treason, evacuee’s from blitzed out London and the land girls.

Publication Date: 28 March 2019. Pages: 429. My Rating:

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