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On Wednesday you may remember me writing about all the books I keep downloading. Well today I’ve just had to sit on my hands and not download anymore from today’s BookBud email. Do you know how hard that was for me to read it and then delete it before I bought more books!!!

Oh it was so hard and there are still two more days left of the week so that means two more emails from BookBud. I wouldn’t mind but I’ve already bought Five more books since Wednesday and listed Three books that I want to purchase on my goodreads want to read list.

So I think it’s time I went up to my craft room to do a bit of crafting or do I change my nail colour, as I chipped one nail slightly yesterday and I can’t stand chipped nails/nail varnish. Maybe I should do a bit of crafting first as nicely varnished nails don’t go so well with crafting.

Plus I got some new crafting toys on Wednesday that I’ve not had a chance to try out yet!!! So it’s decided I’m off to craft for a couple of hours, then paint my nails and while they are drying carry on with my latest read.

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