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The Neglected Garden

by Suzanne Winterly This book was such a joy to read making it impossible for me to put it down. I loved the front cover and the description made me want to read it. I hoped that the book would match up to it's front cover and it really did. The book is also a… Continue reading The Neglected Garden

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One Wicked Night

by Kelly Jamieson I really enjoyed this book, but I think some people wouldn't like it. It's definitely an 18+ book as it is very sexual, erotic and consists of a mange a trois, which isn't everyone cup of tea. So if you don't like to read books like this then this book isn't for… Continue reading One Wicked Night

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The Revenge Plan by

BOOK REVIEW TO FOLLOW The Revenge Plan Linda Kage Publication date: April 29th 2019 Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance After I caught my boyfriend cheating, I tried to be mature about it with an amicable split. But he took his retaliation too far, and I have officially had enough. No more Miss Nice Haven. No… Continue reading The Revenge Plan by

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Well the Book Binder did a Great Job on This….

...Or Maybe it Was Someone First Day? Well yesterday I received a traditional book that I ordered and couldn’t wait to get my hands on. With this particular author I have always had paperbacks or hardbacks, and I wanted to continue purchasing his books in this format while also adding to my collection. Plus I… Continue reading Well the Book Binder did a Great Job on This….