#ReadingChallenge, Book Review

The Neglected Garden

by Suzanne Winterly

This book was such a joy to read making it impossible for me to put it down. I loved the front cover and the description made me want to read it. I hoped that the book would match up to it’s front cover and it really did. The book is also a standalone which is appealing for lots of people.

The book is based in 2010’s Ireland after the big financial crash. Which has affected much bigger landscaping businesses than Gilly Townsend’s small landscape business. She has already given up her flat and is living with her sister in trying to keep her business afloat, but her sister is organising her wedding and Gilly knows that she will soon have to move out and more than likely go back to living at home with her parents.

Just as the despair is about to set in, she gets the opportunity to restore an old walled garden to it former glory to an old home. For the new owner Marc Fletcher, who is a wealthy property developer from London. Giving her the much needed cash to keep her business afloat.

Marc Fletcher has his own hidden past, that he wants to forget and he finds his escape at his new home Glanesford, outside of Dublin. This is where he and his son can relax and be safe. Or so he thought. Someone has started to blackmail him and is threatening to share his family secrets with the world. Secrets that Marc is desperate to keep in the past.

As Gilly and Marc, start to become a bit more than boss and employee. The blackmailer starts to get bolder and has now started to threat his son’s safety, and has also told him that he must keep well away from Gilly if he knows whats good for him.

Marc is starting to wonder exactly who he can and can’t trust. He trusts Gilly as she has no idea about him being blackmailed and it started before she came along. Then his son goes missing!!! Is there someone closer to Marc that is responsible for the kidnapping of his son and the blackmail. Will he even find his son? What will all of this do to the only just blossoming romance between him and Gilly?

With lots of twists and turns, this book will keep you wanting more. It’s a romance with blackmail and suspense, with the lovely backdrop of Ireland. A really enjoyable read.

Pages: 382. Publication Date: 7 February 2019. My Rating:

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