Book Review

One Wicked Night

by Kelly Jamieson

I really enjoyed this book, but I think some people wouldn’t like it. It’s definitely an 18+ book as it is very sexual, erotic and consists of a mange a trois, which isn’t everyone cup of tea. So if you don’t like to read books like this then this book isn’t for you.

Kaelin Daume is know as the good girl in Mapleglen where she grew up, and everyone loves her. Nobody knows that on the inside she is crying out to be bad. She now works in a law firm as a paralegal. Unable to finish college as she had to go back home to help look after her father after he had a bad working accident and once he passed away she never went back to college.

Kaelin has been tasked in planning her best friends wedding, as she lives to far away to plan it herself. As she knows her mother will go over the top with everything if she’s not reigned in by Kaelin.

As the wedding celebrations draw nearer Kaelin starts to think about her best friends younger brother Tyler. As they became close one summer along with his best friend Nick but during that summer something happened and Tyler and Nick have never been back home till now.

There is still a connection between Kaelin and Tyler, but things are complicated as Nick and Tyler have a unique relationship together. After the wedding rehearsal Kaelin makes a play for both Tyler and Nick even though she has more feeling for Tyler. She knows that she wants both men. Starting a mange a trois.

Are all three of them strong enough to carry on with such a forbidden relationship? What will people think? Is Kaelin really ready to lose her good girl status?

Pages: 230. Publication Date: 25 March 2017. My Rating:

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