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Well the Book Binder did a Great Job on This….

…Or Maybe it Was Someone First Day?

Well yesterday I received a traditional book that I ordered and couldn’t wait to get my hands on. With this particular author I have always had paperbacks or hardbacks, and I wanted to continue purchasing his books in this format while also adding to my collection. Plus I knew it’d look good on my bookcase. It was like Christmas opening the packaging until I looked at the book!!!

The dust cover was in good shape as was the most of the book until you open it. On opening it the edges of the pages are all jagged some are cut to size and some aren’t.

OK, to some people this may not be a problem but to someone like me who loves books and is very particular about how they look and who never ever, lets anyone borrow a book unless it’s second hand or a bit tatty. It does matter.

It’s not as though I paid a discounted price for it, OK so I purchased it on line but that shouldn’t matter I paid the full price. If it was noted in the purchasing options that it wasn’t quite perfect and it had a discount because of this, I wouldn’t complain.

It does look a mess and I know if I try to read this book it’ll drive me mad as it wont be that easy and pleasurable turning the pages.

I wonder how many other people have purchased books like this in shops or online and still paid the full price? Has this ever happened to you? If so what did you do? Did you complain to the bookseller or to the publishing house?

Just Look How Nice the Dust Cover is!

I uploaded these same photos that I’d taken and put them on to Twitter & Instagram and I also included Harper Collins U.K, Harper Collins U.S.A and also included the author. As I’m sure if you were the author you wouldn’t be happy in substandard books being published. I’m curious to see if any of them get back to me. If they don’t I may send them an email.

*** Am I really being too fussy about this? Please let me know what you think. ***

2 thoughts on “Well the Book Binder did a Great Job on This….”

    1. Actually that’s a good point, as I have some old books printed in 1890’s to early 1900’s they are in really good condition but have far more character than the books of today. They were my paternal grandmothers books.

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