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The Secret of You and Me

by Melissa Lenhardt

This is the second LGBTQ book that I have read. As its always been a genre that I’ve stayed away from. Which I have to say has deprived me of reading some really good books, so I now have a new genre to my book preferences. This books shows you just how peoples prejudices can have such an impact on peoples lives, how they may change who they really are just to be accepted especially in small communities. But having to living the lie isn’t good for anyone involved.

No matter who your first love was you never forget them! Nora left her home town Lynchfield, Texas eighteen years ago with a broken heart. She never expected to stay away as long as this, but as time passed she just knew that she couldn’t go home and admit defeat to her father.

She only found herself back in her home town because her father had passed away, and was only expecting to stay there for as short a time as possible so she can get back to her own life in DC.

On the day of her fathers funeral all of the mourners filed past to pay their respects to the family. Nora was getting more and more agitated as Brenda Russell came up to them. The hostility was still there between them and Nora made her feelings known. The next mourners that she wasn’t looking forward to seeing was her ex boyfriend Charlie and his wife her ex best friend Sophie.

Nora, Sophie and Charlie could all tell that everyone’s eyes were on them watching and wondering how the three of them would be with each other. As some thought Nora left because Charlie and Sophie ended up together and that they might have been seeing each other behind Nora’s back.

Except that wasn’t the reason. When Nora upped sticks and left eighteen years ago. Charlie and Sophie were feeling as though they had been left in the lurch, and they both found solace in each other. Which led to Sophie becoming pregnant which was a huge relief to her mother Brenda Russell.

When it came to the day for the reading of the will it turned out that Nora’s father had left her the property. To the annoyance of her sister Mary. Making Nora’s quick trip home in to staying indefinitely. Sophie was so pleased that Nora was back for longer and hoped that they could get their friendship back. To the annoyance of her mother.

Since going back home Nora couldn’t help reflect on what had happened in the past. How her father had cold heartedly told her to leave. The longer she stayed the more things came to light. That her father in actual fact had just trying to protect her as Brenda Russell had been threatening to ruin Nora’s life in anyway that she could.

Nora and Sophie started to become inseparable again, and in the end they couldn’t deny that they still loved each other and that their first love was still their true love. However the only thing holding them back was Charlie as he and Sophie had a high standing in the community, not to mention how this would affect her daughter. Will Nora and Sophie be strong enough to overcome peoples prejudices and be the couple they so desperately want to be or will others stand in the way?

A lovely book about true love and having to stand up for what you want.

Pages: 374, Publication Date: 4 August 2020, My Rating:

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