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Trusting Skylar (Silverstone #1)

by Susan Stoker

I’ve read a few books by Susan Stoker and so far I’d say that this book is my favourite. This book keeps you on your toes, it’s also gritty with strong characters. I couldn’t put it down. I also can’t wait for the next book in the series and have been all over Susan Stokers website to find out when the next book is released and when I can pre-order it.

Carson Rhodes (Bull) is ex Delta Force along with his team mates, Leonardo (Gramps), Mark (Smoke) and Kellan (Eagle). They left the forces and set themselves up as a tow truck company called Silverstone, which is a front for their real job. They are hired killers and work off the books for the FBI. Their FBI contact Gregory Willis lets them choose their targets, but if things go wrong they are on their own.

One night after getting back from a mission Bull ends up going into work at the tow truck company. He’s found that he has to do something normal after a mission to decompress. This particular night he goes on a call to a woman who is stranded and on her own in a bad area.

When Bull arrives to the woman she’s so happy to see him, that she isn’t aware about her own safety and the situation that she could have put herself in. So Bull tells her that she needs to be more careful. Pointing out to her all of the different dangers that she has put herself in. Bull can see that this woman is so unaware, innocent and so beautiful he just wants to protect her.

It turns out that the woman is called Skylar and that she’s a kindergarten teacher. They can’t deny their instant attraction to each other. So he askes her out on a date. They get on with each so much that they start to date properly, but Bull is worried about her finding out that he is a hired killer. He’s also worried that he will take away her innocence with everything he has done.

Most night Skylar stays late to look after one of her students Sandra as her father is working three jobs to make ends meet. No body knows that Skylar and Sandra are always being watched, at the end of each day while they are in the play ground. Until one day a man grabs Sandra and Skylar goes running after them not even thinking about the danger she is putting herself in.

The man threatens to hurt Sandra if Skylar doesn’t do what he says. He takes them to an old disused house. Making them go down in to the cold, damp and dark basement. Skylar realises that this man had been planning this all along, as he’d put a dirty mattress on the metal bedframe where handcuffs were attached to it. He made Skylar put the handcuff around her ankle cutting off her circulation. Skylar feels such despair wondering how they will get out of this.

When Bull finds out that Sandra and Skylar have been taken he gets his team together. He has to find the woman he loves. Will they find Sandra and Skylar or will they be to late to save them as the longer it takes to find them the dire the results.

Pages: 381, Publication Date: 1 December 2020, My Rating:

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