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by Dolly Alderton

This book really captures what being a single woman in the 21st Century is really like. Especially when your coming up to a certain age and you realise that your body clock is ticking. That all your friends are married or getting married as well as having children. Making you wonder if you’ll find your own Mr Wright. It made me laugh and at times it made me feel sad as it also portrays what real life is like as we get older. With ageing parent and the responsibilities that we have. However it’s not written in a negative way if that’s what you may be wondering.

Meet Nina George Dean a successful food author, with one book published and her second book nearing completion for being released. Along with the outlines of a third book. Not to mention the food column in a well known publication.

Most people would think she had it all, but Nina felt as though she had one ingredient missing in her life. That special someone who she can share everything with. With the help of one of her friends she signs up to a dating app. But dating isn’t as easy as you think these days.

Nina meets Max on the dating app and he seems to be only one that’s not ghosting her. So they arrange to meet at a local pub. Just as Nina is about to give up on Max as a no show, she finds him outside smoking. He says that hes been there all along waiting for her. Even though unimpressed by this she thinks she should at least give him a chance.

After that first date they end up spending most of their time together and appear to be in a proper relationship. Until one night when they are out Max professes his love to Nina and says that one day he will marry her. That’s when everything seems to go wrong. Max ghosts Nina, he doesn’t turn up when he is supposed to and doesn’t answer or reply to any of her messages.

All the while Nina is struggling with her fathers illness, as he has Alzheimer’s which is turning him in to a ghost of the man he was. Things are also strained with her best friend Katherine, who it turns out to be pregnant again.

She also has to attend the hen party from hell. Even though she and her ex Joe broke up ages ago they are still best friends and because he wants her at the wedding she has to attend Lucy’s hen party weekend.

So what else will happen in the year we share with Nina George Dean?

This is a must read, as I’ve already said its funny and spot on with living in the 21st Century.

Pages: 336, Publication Date: 15 October 2020, My Rating:

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