Just for Fun, Reading Challenge

1 Year Blogaversary Part Two

The Power of Books

To me reading is a necessity

Some people may find this a funny thing to say about reading, but I think they tend to be non readers. As I’m sure that majority of people who love to read books even if they don’t blog about them feel the same way I do.

For me every book I read is a new adventure that we don’t know where it’ll end:

  • We can travel the world without leaving our house or wherever our favourite place to read is
  • We can be taken to outer-space, taken to new galaxies, or go through wormholes
  • We can be catapulted in to other Realms, where magical and mystical creatures rule
  • We can become the heroin or hero in the story
  • We can become a witch, a wizard, a changeling, a vampire, a shapeshifter the list is endless
  • We can find ourselves at the beginning or the end of civilisation
  • We can be taken back in time or taken far far in to the future
  • We can learn about other countries and their cultures
  • We can even learn a new language

Books give us endless possibilities and the thing I love about reading the most is that the world outside doesn’t exist anymore, it takes you away from the stress and strain of every day life. Who doesn’t want to escape the daily grind even if its just 15 minutes during your tea or coffee break at work?

With some books I feel as though I been watching a movie or a TV series as I can conjurer every detail in my minds eye. Some books make you cry because one of your favourite characters has died.

I’ve also found myself laughing out loud at things in books, and yes I’ve had the funny looks from people wondering what I’m laughing about, but I don’t care as long as I’ve got my book with me and I’m enjoying what I’m reading.

Traditional or Digital Books?

I love traditional books as they feel real in your hand, I like the smell of the print on them. I also love Hardback and Paperback books and I hope they will always continue to publish books in this way. As everyone should know what it’s like to hold that book in your hands especially if the book is one of your favourites.

With certain books I have bought the digital version along with the traditional book as I just know it has to be added to my already overflowing book case, but I just love that people can see the books on my bookshelf.

Yes I’m guilty I own a couple of different types of Digital books an original Sony E-reader and I’m now on my 2nd Kindle. I know people say that they are killing our libraries as nobody uses them any more. But digital books also have their place. We can carry hundreds of books with out breaking our back trying to carry them. There are lots of free books out there too.

Digital books can give anyone of the opportunity to publish their own works, where getting accepted by one of the big publishing houses is pretty slim unless they think your work will make them lots and lots of money.

** So I think I have rounded up my love affair of books. I hope that you will keep on following me on my reading adventure as you never know where it’ll take us. “To infinity and beyond”!! Thank you Buzz Lightyear in letting me steal your famous quote. **

1 thought on “1 Year Blogaversary Part Two”

  1. Congratulations dear Gadget girl for complete one year. Also your love for your books.I have also made one book live on kindle 2 weeks back. Link in my blog no 345.All the best keep good work going


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