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Always Room For Cupcakes

(Cupcakes Book 1) by Bethany Lopez

This book is funny, with some whit and a sexy bikers. What else does a girl want in a short funny chick lit book maybe a cupcake to go with it. If your not on a diet like me (ha ha). On a serious note though I just loved this book and I really will try to read more of them over the coming months.

Lila always worried that her husband would leave her and their twins or that he was having an affair. So much so she’d wake up in the middle of the night crying. Her husband always hugged her and told her he wouldn’t leave her, but guess what he was an F***ing liar.

One night she saw her husbands car somewhere it shouldn’t be, with the windows all steamed up. So she went to the car to investigate. On opening the car door she sees her husband doing the dirty with the sluttiest woman in town. In spite of the shock of what she was seeing, she did manage to take some photo’s of husband infidelity on her mobile. Which she ended up posting all around town for everyone to see.

Now as a single and independent mum of two, and with her best friends support. She is now becoming a much strong woman. Not forgetting the all important cupcakes, as they always seem to make things better.

The only good thing to come out of her ex husbands infidelity is that she ended up getting a job as a photographer for a PI called Moose. Who offered her the job, after seeing the photo’s she’d posted up around the town.

She now finds herself going all over town taking compromising photo’s of unfaithful spouses. Until Moose wants her to follow someone and take photo’s of them doing dodgy dealings which turns out to be dealing drugs. This ends up putting her in a couple of dangerous situations. The first time she was running away from the drug dealer, a mysterious sexy biker rolls up beside her telling her to get on his bike.

The biker turns out to be called Cade, and he is a member of a biker M.C., but somehow she feels safe with him. As they both ride away from the drug dealer. Cade lets her know that he’s seen her a few times, while following the drug dealers, so she started to think that maybe she wasn’t as good at her job as she thought she was.

Cade tells her not to worry, he’s only noticed her because he’s been watching. He also told her that she really needs to keep away from these people as they were very dangerous. So she goes around to her boss Moose asking who exactly it was she’s following and who exactly are they working for?

Things go from bad to worse for Lila on this case. So she ships her twins off to her now ex husband to make sure that they are safe and out of the way. Just as they are about to leave Lila is abducted right in front of her ex husband and children.

Lila isn’t the only one that has been abducted, her boss Moose was already there. Looking in a very bad way. Things become very violent for Moose and Lila. Lila has been drugged so she is now under the influence, which has made her become their abductors puppet and they now make her torture Moose.

Will Lila and Moose get out of this alive? Who if anyone is out there looking for them? Well you have to find out for yourself as I can’t spoil it for you.

This is a funny book, with sexual scenes and some violence while under the influence of drugs. Which some people may not like to read about, saying that though it’s the funny things in the book that I remember the most.

Pages: 198. Publication Date: 2 February 2016. My Rating:

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