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Breaking Spade

The Dead Presidents M.C. Book 6 by Harley Stone

I didn’t realise when I received a free copy of Breaking Spade that I hadn’t gotten around to reading all of the books in this series. So I was a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to follow the story as I may have missed important facts leading up to Spade’s story. I have to say that you really don’t need to read all of the other books in the series first.

Spade “Antonio Fernandez” is a member of the Dead Presidents M.C. He became a prospect and earned his patch after he left the forces, most of their members are ex military men. He missed his brothers in arms and the camaraderie and because of this he felt lost and joining the M.C. its what saved him. The M.C. was originally established by a veteran.

Spade has two jobs during the day he works for his father in construction along side his brothers, but this isn’t what Spade wants to do for the rest of his life, he wants to go back to school and become an architect. During the evening he is a bouncer at one of the clubs that the Dead Presidents M.C. own.

One day while he is working for his father, Spade gets a 911 call from one of his M.C. Brothers. A woman is being held hostage at gun point.

The woman being held hostage is Jessica Munroe, she is a shy and timid woman who always plays it safe. Her day started badly when she was passed over yet again for a promotion. To make matters worse she was passed over for her rival and nemesis. So when her boss tells her to take an early lunch to go, lick her wounds and to also compose herself, she takes him up on it.

When she returns home early hoping to get comfort from her room mate Carly, the flat is deserted. Except that Carly is a clean freak and she hadn’t tidied up the breakfast dishes. So she goes into her roommates bedroom to check everything is OK, but when she goes in the room, draws and cupboards are left open and Carly’s suitcases are gone.

As she’s walking back into the living room her mobile goes off, its Carly her roommate telling her not to go back to their apartment as it wasn’t safe. At the same time the apartment door is broken down and Jessica is taken hostage.

Spade and his brothers soon turn up at the apartment. While one of the brothers is trying to talk her captor down Spade is giving her signals to slowly move to him. When she reaches Spade a gun goes off and he throws her to the ground and covers her body with his. This is the first time Spade and Jessica notice each other properly.

Is this the start of something between Jessica and Spade? Will Jessica eventually start to stand up for herself? If you want to know how it all ends then you’ll need to read the book.

This is a really good book and I now I need to go back and read the series from the beginning.

Pages: ?? Publication Date: 19 August 2019. My Rating:

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