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Island Fever

Fever Book One by Jeremy DCP

Well I really don’t know what to say about this book, but I have only managed to read 15% of it and I’ve had to give up on it. I really don’t like giving up on books, but this one beat me. I skimmed a bit further on with the book and it was just more of the same.

The synopsis for this book really interested me. I’ve enjoyed many erotic/romance books is the past, but this book was so boring that I found that I couldn’t actually concentrate long enough to read a couple of pages at a time.

Jeremy lives on a tropical island on his own, he is very wealthy so the money he has spent on having hidden cameras placed all over his mansion and the island is inconsequential to him. He has a secret room off of his bedroom suite, it’s actually a voyeur room where he can watch the six women that he vetted from numerous women who applied to his advert.

He doesn’t need to stay in his voyeur room as the cameras are motion sensitive and they also automatically record everything so he will never miss a thing, or he can keep replaying parts he likes.

The six women vary in age fro 18 to 30, and the majority of the women are also bisexual, so he puts the women in to pairs so he can see exactly what they get up to. Basically to me this book is about a peeping Tom, and the sex scenes that I did read were very tame and dull.

Due to what I have said above I can honestly only give this book 1 star. I would give it less is I was able to, as it was such a huge disappointment and I won’t be reading anymore in this series.


Six gorgeous women. One mysterious man. Alone together in an escape to paradise.

“I encourage you to become acquainted with this superior author and enjoy his works beginning with Island Fever: Book One.”

Ranging from the jaded 30-year-old exotic dancer to the 18-year-old churchgoing virgin, Pamela, Trish, Devon, Amy, Camille and Lindsay are quite the varied group of ladies. They’ve all agreed to spend six weeks sharing their lives together at a luxurious, opulent mansion on a tropical island with the allure of cash riches awaiting them at the end. What could be better than basking in the sun, in total luxury, while also getting paid to do so? Can the ladies get along? Or will their conflicting egos – not to mention their overcharged libidos – get in the way?

What does Jeremy Morris, a reclusive billionaire with a shrouded past, really want from the ladies? Why is he paying them so much money to basically be his guests for the summer? Is he simply looking for a couple of mindless, easy thrills – throwing his vast wealth around – or does he have something more long-term and everlasting in mind for them?

And why does Jeremy have cameras hidden all over his private island?

Pages: ?? Publication Date: 16 August 2018. My Rating:

18+. Intended for mature audiences only.

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