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Late Love

by Scarlett Hopper

I enjoyed this book it’s so funny, a true chic lit book through and through. All of the characters are brilliant and just the type of friends you’d want to have. It’s light hearted, funny, easy to read and it made me cry. What more could you ask for from a book of this genre? If you want to cuddle up and read chic lit then you must read this!

Lottie Night recently moved back to London after following her long term boyfriend up to Edinburgh. She found out that he’d been cheating on her for quite a while, even before she left London behind to be with him. Just before she left though she managed to get a little bit of revenge on him by selling off some of his expensive electricals such as his new TV and stereo and gave the money away to a homeless man.

Lottie moved back to Notting Hill to be closer to her cousin and her friends, as she hoped to lick her wounds and get her life back on track. She has been lucky enough to get her old job back as a pharmacist, as her boss hadn’t gotten around to replacing her. Just as she thought things will get back to normal she discovers that she is pregnant setting her in to a tizzy of how she is going to be a single parent along with worry about loosing her job.

She decides that she is going to keep the news of her pregnancy to herself for now as she feels she can’t telling her friends as they are busy with their own lives. Besides she’s got plenty of time to tell them before she’ll start to show.

One afternoon Lottie meets up with her cousin and their other friends for a late lunch at their local hangout. A lot has changed in the time that she was in Edinburgh her cousin had managed to make more friends and now had the perfect boyfriend. While they were having their lunch they introduce her to Owen Bower. Lottie could tell that Owen likes her but she shoots him down she’s not ready to get back out there, especially now she’s pregnant.

When their food turns up Owen notices that Lottie starts to look a bit green around the gills and she discretely runs off to the ladies. When she steps back out Owen is waiting for her and he know her secret. He remembers his mother being like that around certain foods when she was pregnant with his younger brother.

Lottie swears him to secrecy and says that she will tell every one when she’s ready to tell them. Owen says he’ll keep her secret and before he knows it, he offers her his friendship which she is grateful for.

For months Owen keeps her secret and he becomes the only person that she can rely on. He goes with her to her doctors and hospital appointments. He keeps trying to persuade her to tell her family and friends about the pregnancy along with telling her ex boyfriend but she just refuses too. However when she does tell her ex boyfriend he doesn’t want to know anything or be a part of the babies life. Meaning Lottie ends up relying on Owen even more.

Even though Lottie and Owen become closer and closer Lottie keeps pushing Owen away. After all he’s not the babies father and he has his own life to live, but he still sticks by her side.

Eventually all of her family and friends find out about her being pregnant after she takes a bad fall at their local hangout. They are all shocked that she didn’t tell them all sooner. Everyone agrees to help and support Lottie and the baby for as long as she needs them.

All the while Owen keeps by her side and in spite of his telling her he wants to be with her she thinks he’s ruining his life. She does everything she can to make him go out on dates by signing him up on dating websites.

Eventually Lottie and Owen do become a couple but even though she knows she loves him, her doubts about their relationship keep making her push him away. She keeps telling him that she should be bringing up her child on her own. How much longer will Lottie keep pushing Owen away before he gets fed up and finally does leave her?

Pages: 320, Publication Date: 13 October 2020, My Rating:

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