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The Twelve Dates of Christmas

by Jenny Bayliss

This book is really enjoyable. It has already put me in the spirit of Christmas, making me wish Christmas was a bit nearer than it is, so I can put up my Christmas tree and decorations. The book also made me very hungry with the talk of mince pies, chocolate brownies etc, so much so I ended up baking three different batches of cup cakes once I finished the book.

The story is light hearted, funny and romantic, I like the concept of the twelve dates of Christmas putting a slightly different spin on a dating website. This book needs to be on everyone’s Christmas TBR list.

Kate Turner lives in the house she grew up in. In the small village of Blexford, a place where people go to retire or start a family. She moved back as her father Mac was struggling with his mental health. After his wife ran off with the estate agent who was helping them to down size for their retirement. Kate took over the mortgage so her father could rent somewhere smaller.

When Kate first moved back home she would do everything she could to avoid Matt her best friend, by hiding in bushes, behind trees or anywhere else she could find to hide. They had been the best of friends all through their childhood until they had a huge falling out over 10 years ago. They both knew that things couldn’t continue like this with the village being so small. Their friendship is now sowly getting back on track even though it is still a bit fragile.

At first Kate also missed the buzz of city life but she soon got in to the swing country living again. With her routine of working on her fabric designs for Liberty’s of London and doing some baking for Matt. Who owns the local village cafe called “The Pear Tree”. After her day of work, virtually every night is the same with her cuddled up in her Pj’s watching TV.

Due to Kate’s way of living her other best friend Laura persuades Kate to sign up with a new dating agency called “Lightening Strikes”. Who she has been closely working with for a few months, as they will be hosting some of their date activities at the manor house. Where Laura is the PA/Curator.

The dating package consists of 12 date throughout December and depending on what location and activity Kate chooses she will be matched up with someone who has chosen the same.

Matt has decided to rename it the 12 S**** of Christmas, which he keeps telling all of his drinking mates in the local pub. Before Kate knows it everyone in the village keeps asking her how her dates are going and she has unwittingly become the talk of the village.

How do Kate’s dates go?

  • Date 1: High Tea with Richard. Divorced, devoted father of two, works in hedge funds
  • Date 2: Couples Cooking with Michael. Divorced, Vegan, no children, works in an art gallery
  • Date 3: Ice Skating with Anthony. Divorced, single father of two kids, works as a fireman
  • Date 4: Cocktail Making with Sam, Motorcycle enthusiast, would like children, works as a graphic designer
  • Date 5: Salsa Dancing with Drew, no info as the Lightening Strikes App had a glitch
  • Date 6: Dates with Mates Pub Quiz with Joshua no info as that’s one of the tasks of getting to know each other during the date
  • Date 7: Hiking with Phil, Never Married, one child, owns an independent extreme sports store
  • Date 8: Meal with Jim, Divorced, no children, works in the city (London)
  • Date 9: The Escape Room with Edward, Never Married, no kids, works in IT
  • Date 10: Gingerbread House Competition with Adam, Divorced, three children, works as an architect
  • Date 11: Wine Tasting Tour at Local Vineyard with Thomas, Divorced Twice, works as a bespoke cabinet maker

Date 12: To happen on 23 December.

  • Option 1: Choose your own date, in other words pick someone from previous dates
  • Option 2: Lucky dip where your names are pulled out of a virtual hat

So how will Kate get on with her dates? Will she find the one for her final date or will she go for the lucky dip?

A light hearted Christmas read, that I’m sure you will enjoy.

Pages: 320, Publication Date: 12 November 2020, My Rating:

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