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The Wish List

by Sophia Money-Coutts

This book is absolutely hilarious, I’ve never laughed at a book as much as I did with this one. If you need a good laugh then I would really recommend this book. I’ve not read any books before by this author, but I will definitely be looking in to what else she has written.

If your ever tempted to make a wish list for the perfect man, then you’ll either never find him or he’s been right under your nose all the time and may not tick all of the boxes.

32 year old Florence Fairfax (Flo) had only ever had one short relationship while at university and has basically been single ever since, apart from the odd one night stand.

She lives in the family home with her two half sisters. Their mother her step mother moved out a few years ago into a more upmarket South Kensington post code. Where she lives by herself unless her diplomat husband Henry Fairfax is home for a visit. Henry is an Ambassador in Argentina, so he isn’t home very often.

Flo’s bedroom is in the converted attic, when her first stepsister Ruby was born her bedroom was moved up on to the next floor. Then when her second sister Mia was born they were all moved up another floor. Even though she loves her sisters dearly she sometimes feels alone and left out. As they have a connection with each other that she doesn’t have with either of them.

Flo works in an old fashioned book shop called “Frisbee Books” in Chelsea. Which is owned by Norris. The book shop was passed on to him from a relative. She also works along side Eugene who’s main passion is acting, but with him not landing many parts he sustains his living expenses by working in the shop. One day Norris storms into the shop making an announcement that the landlord is yet again putting up the shops rent. Meaning he may have no other choice but to close the shop.

So after a bad day at work with Norris’ news, the last thing Flo wants to do is go to the family meal at Claridge’s. Except she has no choice in the matter it’s to celebrate the engagement and the up and coming nuptials, of Mia and her boring fiance. Mia is the youngest sister and the wedding is in four months time. Even though they only recently got engaged, she wants a winter wedding as its more chic to have a winter wedding.

At the family meal Flo’s step mother uses it as an excuse to grill her about her lack of boyfriends, and how she’s worried that she’ll never meet anyone or get married. So she suggests that she goes to see Gwendolyn a Love Coach/Guru that she read about in a posh magazine. To try and entice her a bit more she tells her that her practice in on Harley Street.

The next morning it’s Flo’s turn to open the book shop, except when she gets there the shop has already been opened. When she walks in she finds that some books have been knocked over. That something has been spilt all over the floor and there is a motor bike helmet on the counter. She shouts out to see who is there, but no one answers. Until a stranger comes up from the cellar rooms with a mop and bucket. Flo isn’t in a great mood after last nights family meal and this strange man rubs her up the wrong way. It turns out that he is Norris’ nephew Stephen. Without telling anyone Norris has recruited him in an attempt save the book shop.

Stephen is there to set up a new website for the shop along with other social media platforms. All the things Flo has been pestering Norris to let her do. So Flo feels some annoyance and resentment towards Stephen, so she tries to keep well out of his way. That same morning her step mother rings her at work to tell her that she has made an appointment with Gwendolyn the Love Coach/Guru.

Yet again Flo has no other choice but to go. As Flo gets to the office for the Love Coach/Guru on Harley Street the office isn’t what she expected, and Gwendolyn isn’t what she expected either. She was dressed purple dungarees and green crocs which clashed with the consulting room as it was awash of salmon pink. Everything from the walls to the couch and curtains was salmon pink.

Gwendolyn asked Flo a few questions after which she set her a task of making a kind of shopping list of what she wanted in a man. After about twenty minutes she’d managed to write a list. Just as she thought she was able to escape, Gwendolyn made Flo lie down on the couch. Telling her to close her eyes while she did a quick spell that would make her more open to love.

A few days later after her encounter with Gwendolyn, a striking looking man walks into the book shop. His mother is one of the shops regulars and finds out that he is called Rory Dundee. This is the type of man Flo thought she should be dating. A few moments after he left he walked back in and ask if she would go out on a date with him. Was this the man she had always longed for?

Flo’s family and friends all loved Rory all except Stephen that is, and he makes it known that he doesn’t like or approve of him any chance he gets. Which gets Flo’s back up even more and which also starts to put doubts in her mind. Will Flo come to her senses and realise that she is with the wrong man?

As I’ve already said this is really really funny book and a great rom com, great for a cosy night in on a winters evening.

Pages: 400, Publication Date: 6 August 2020, My Rating:

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