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The Shelf

by Helly Acton

If there is a book that should end up being turned into a movie then this book should be. We’ve all watched some form of reality TV shows like Big Brother. You may or may not like them, but I think this book beats them hands down! I found this book to be so funny with a few cringe worthy moments. I just couldn’t put it down. As I couldn’t wait to see what tasks the girls would be put through next and how they’d all reacted to each task, the first task they were given had some very funny parts to it. I ended up reading late into the night and gave myself a fright when I dropped my kindle on myself as I’d fallen asleep.

How would you feel if your boyfriend dumped you on National TV? Especially when you though you were going on holiday together, hoping this would be when he would pop the question. Well Amy Wright found out exactly what it was like to be dumped on National TV on a new reality TV show called “The Shelf”. Where six women would compete to be crowned “The Keeper”. Amy was the first contestant on this new reality show. Then five other women who were also dumped joined her, and they are:

  • Amy Wright, Age: 32, Profession: Copywriter, Status: Long term relationship, Description: Desperate
  • Jackie Adu, Age: 38, Profession: Solicitor, Status: Married, no kids, Description: Selfish
  • Gemma Burns, Age: 30, Profession: Personal Trainer, Status: Long term relationship, Description: Distant
  • Kathy Hegarty, Age: 52, Profession: None, Status: Married, two adult kids, Description: Bitter
  • Hattie Jackson, Age: 33, Profession: Chef, Status: Long term relationship, Description: Boring
  • Lauren Hawk, Age: 36, Profession: DJ, Status: Short term relationship, Description: Easy

Each week the contestants have task to complete along with mandatory therapy sessions that are also shown on the show. Depending how they do and along with the publics votes someone will be voted off each week. Also letting the girls know how popular or how well they are doing there is a leader board, along with a live media stream of the publics unfiltered tweets for them all to see.

A week in the show throws them all a curveball by bringing in another contestant, except this contestant isn’t like the rest of the girls. Felicity Brimble, Flick for short. She is still in a relationship, she hasn’t been dumped. She actually applied to be on the show herself as she wants to see if she can improve herself even though she’s already like a perfect 1950’s house wife. How will they all get on with the new arrival, will it be handbags at dawn?

I can’t tell you anymore about the story line as I really don’t want to spoil this book, as it’s so funny. If you like reality TV shows like Big Brother then you must read this book!

Pages: 416, Publication Date: 9 July 2020, My Rating:

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