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I Will Follow Him

by Holly Tierney-Bedord

I really enjoyed this book and found it hard to put down, but unfortunately I only had a small amount of time to read, it otherwise I’d have read it in one go. So if like me you have a limited time for reading then this is a great short read and a great book to take on your summer holiday .

Also to say that this book is the 5th one in the series you really don’t need to read the other books before you read this one. I would class this a standalone book.

Francie Meddling is a Private Eye, she sort of fell into it as she took over the Detective and Private Investigation Agency when her father passed away.

One particular day as she was sat at her desk playing solitaire on the computer, a tall perfectly put together woman with long dark hair walked in asking for help.

The woman looked around Francie’s office and hesitated as the office was like a half dead jungle of potted plants and dirty coffee mugs. So Francie made it know that she could in fact help.

The woman turned out to be called Danielle Payne and she is due to marry Evan Aronson in a few weeks time. Evan is the only child to the “Shamrock Empire” the family business supplies the whole country with the little potted shamrock plants that are for sale in March each year. His parents passed away a couple of weeks ago in a plane crash so Evan will be in charge of the “Shamrock Empire”.

Evan and his friends Drake, Eli and Phil are due to go on a cruse around the Caribbean for his stag party and she wants Francie to spy on him and report everything back to her as she thinks he is cheating on her.

Francie decides to take the job as she can treat it a bit like a holiday if she manages to get the goods for her client.

Within a very short time Francie ends up getting entangled with some women who end up becoming friends with Even and his friends. Before she knows it she’s starting to strike up a relationship with Eli. How is Francie going to keep up the charade? As she starts to find it harder and harder to do her job.

Not to mention all of the phone calls, text messages and emails Danielle constantly bombards her with, which is also making it harder to hide what she is really doing on the cruse.

Will Francie end up getting the good for Danielle needs? What will happen if Eli finds out she’s been lying to them all or will she give it all up for this one chance with happiness?

Pages: 141, Publication Date: 15 July 2019, My Rating:

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