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UK World Book Day 2020

Well today it's World Book Day in the UK, but I didn't realise that it's held on different days in other countries. So I've put a few facts together that may interest you. Let me know what you think about what I've found out. Facts: April twenty-third (the festival is on the nearest Sunday) is… Continue reading UK World Book Day 2020

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by Helen Oyeyemi OK well I really don't know where to start with this book. Even though I have finished this book I feel non the wiser as to what I have read. I feel as though this book doesn't flow and that it jumps all over the place. When I did think I was… Continue reading Gingerbread

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Adversity (Ascent #2) by Melody Winter

Adversity Melody Winter (Ascent #2) Publication date: March 24th 2020 Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Romance Athena Harrow is on the run. Destined for a life she managed to evade, she flees with Erebus before his brother’s threat can prove true. But within their newfound refuge, they discover secrets long held close in the historical city… Continue reading Adversity (Ascent #2) by Melody Winter

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March Reading List

Again this month, most of the books I’ve chosen to read are from my ARC list. If I manage to read these books then I will then pick something off my GoodReads TBR list again. Don’t forget to pop by again on the 6 March to see what book I pull out of the Random… Continue reading March Reading List