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Studmuffin Santa

(Ponderosa Resort Book 1) by Tawna Fenske

This book had me laughing out loud it’s a short Christmas read. That is sure to get you in or keep you in the Christmas spirit. Along with romance, reindeer’s and intrigue and a sexy stud-muffin Santa.

Jade King owns a ranch but it’s not your usual type of ranch, on her ranch she raises reindeer. She is trying to get her Jingle Bells Reindeer Ranch off the ground and with the Christmas season rapidly approaching and with some strange things that keep happening on the ranch time is running out. She wants to make her ranch the go to place for families and children to meet the reindeer and to visit Santa’s grotto.

With the funny things that keep happening on the ranch, like reindeer’s being let out of their enclosures during the night and things going missing Jade’s sister Amber is starting to get worried about whats been happening. So she hires Brandon Brown a marine, who’s home for the holidays.

Brandon Brown is a man who has his own troubles and while on leave for the holiday’s he’s agreed to be Santa at the Jingle Bell’s Reindeer Ranch. He’s been hired more for security than being Santa. As we all know that Santa doesn’t have the body of an Adonis.

When Jade finds out who Amber has hired to be Santa she’s not impressed. Except when the women in town find out he’s going to be Santa they find themselves inundated with women and children. As all the women want to do is flirt and fawn all over the Studmuffin Santa. When all Brandon wants to do is protect the sexy owner Jade and find out who is trying to sabotage the reindeer ranch, all the while Amber does all she can to push them together.

This is a funny, hilarious quick read and I can’t wait to get a chance to read more in this series. I’ll leave you with my favourite quote in the book, which I just couldn’t stop laughing at.

Why is Santa’s sack so big?” “Because he only comes once a year.”

from Studmuffin Santa by Tawna Fenske

Pages: 182. Publication Date: 27 November 2017. My Rating:

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