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A Quick January Reading List Update

I thought I’d do a quick update on my reading list. If you already follow me you will know that on the 4 January 2020 I posted my January reading list. Which contained 6 books. So far I’ve only managed to read 1 of the books and I’m just over half way though my 2nd book. So I don’t think I will get though the rest of this months reading list.

I am slowly getting through the book reviews that I’m behind on. I won’t be totally up to date with them until sometime next month. A couple of the book reviews will be mini reviews. In total I’m in the middle of writing up 11 book reviews.

I say I’m in the middle of them because at the moment I’ve been writing bits for each book review. I’m struggling a little bit with my health and I’m find it hard to concentrate on just on 1 review at a time. So I have a question for all of my fellow book bloggers.

With being a book blogger to you write a review on every single book you read?

* I’ve very interested in your opinions so please feel free to make comments. *

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