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by Mila Hart

I enjoyed this book. It’s a nice quick easy read. It’s got everything as well as being hot and steamy. It has also helped me to get my read books list up for my 2019 GoodReads Challenge.

Payton Sanders is in college studying to become a lawyer. While she is putting herself through college. She works in a coffee shop, and at the rate she’s going its going to take a long time to make any decent money.

Until her best friend introduces her to an Escorting App. Payton is so unsure about this as she associates escorting with sugar daddies and lecherous men. Even though she was unsure about it all she lets her friend sign her up to the app.

Within a short amount of time Payton has her first client lined up. With a huge amount of nervous anticipation and a make over by her friend. Who lent her a nice expensive designer outfit that one of her clients had bought her. Payton is read for her first client.

When Payton is picked up by her client Jake, she couldn’t stop talking due to being so nervous. Within minutes Jake and Payton were getting on like a house on fire. Payton finally plucked up the courage to ask him why a man like him needed an escort, as she was sure that he could have his pick of any woman he wanted to accompany him to the charity ball.

Jake said it was easier as his father keeps putting pressure on him to marry the right kind of woman, a woman of his father’s choosing. So that was why he was using the escorting app as he thought it would be less complicated.

As they got to the charity ball, Payton met Jake’s father and she understood why he used the app. His father was very condescending to Payton, but Payton was able to stand up to his father for herself. Which charmed Jake even more to her.

After leaving the ball, Jake had to hurry up and take a flight to Europe. His father said it was imperative for their business that he attend the meeting with his sister to show a united front. Jake knew it was a ploy by his father to put distance between him and Payton, hoping it would put pay to his relationship.

While in the limousine heading to the airport to catch his plane. Jake ended up kissing Patyon and before both of them knew it they were having sex. This is one thing that Payton never ever does on a first date never mind tonight not being a date.

Once they arrive at the airport Jake jumps out of the limousine as soon as he can, making Payton feel as though she didn’t mean anything to him when she was positive they had some kind of connections.

Payton doesn’t hear from Jake for weeks, as far as she is concerned he’s ghosting her but there are reasons behind it. Will Payton ever hear from him again, or was she just a one night stand?

Pages: 112. Publication Date: 2 October 2019. My Rating:

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