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An Impish Christmas

by Angela Laya

This book is classed as a standalone, but at times I did feel as though I should have read the other books in this series. To be able to understand everything fully. Needless to say it didn’t really stop me from enjoying the book.

Kenzie is a Seklie and she is finally a student at the Shifter Academy. As a Selkie she has magic where other students have other talents. Kenzie is the only Selkie in the school which has made it hard for her to be accepted by some of the other students. As they still don’t thing she should be at the school.

When Kenzie goes back to school after Thanks Giving, and as Christmas approaches all Kenzie can think about is bringing back the Christmas Spirit to the school. As something happened at the school the Christmas before.

Kenzie decides to approaches her boyfriend Wes and her friends Leya, June and Jesse during meal time to see if they would help her. They really don’t feel excited about trying to get the school in the Christmas spirit. Basically they don’t want to spend their spare time decorating the the school and trying to get the other students into the swing of things.

Kenzie still can’t give up on her vision of Christmas so she decides that she will just have to go it alone. In doing so she cast a helpers spell in spell’s class as she thought that she could use it on her friends. As she was practising to cast the spell she was interrupted. So she quickly cast another spell to cancel out the helper spell. Except the spell had backfired without her knowing it.

Later Kenzie decides that she is going to make a start on her bring the Christmas Spirit to everyone by herself. While she is decorating the entrance to the food hall, Trevor one of the Mer, who is best friends with Kenzie’s main antagoniser, offers her his help. Kenzie is sceptical on his motives for helping her but she relents as he is taller and can decorate higher than she can. Please with their handy work they think Kenzie’s idea to bring back the Christmas spirit is defiantly now on track.

However the next morning as Kenzie goes to the food hall for breakfast, all of her and Trevor’s handy work was destroyed and in tatters. Needless to say Kenzie is upset about what has happened and she is sure Trevor’s friends and her nemesis are behind this destruction. She makes known her suspicions to the Academy Director.

Still undeterred Kenzie puts different plans in to place, and each time her efforts are yet again either destroyed or sabotaged.

During one night Kenzie is woken up as she sensed that something wasn’t quite right. When she went out to the main part of the school all hell had been broken loose. As she looked around at all the mess and destruction she heard a manic laugh, and a small figure running away, which she decided to class as an anti helper.

Kenzie started to realise that this small creature was down to her doing and that she needed to fix it fast. So she wouldn’t be expelled from the school she had worked so hard to get into. Luckily for Kenzie her new friend Trevor was there to give a helping hand. Which really didn’t do anything in helping her relationship with Wes. As the days went by and more disasters happened she ended up being royally dumped by Was in front of the whole school, as he couldn’t take anymore.

Can Kenzie stop this little anti helper that she is now calling an Imp, from destroying everything without the director finding out she is responsible for whats been going on. Will Travis still stand by her as all of her other friends have turned their backs on her and will she ever be able to win back Wes back.

An enjoyable little read to get you into the Christmas spirit. With some very funny parts that made me chuckle and I’m sure they will make you chuckle as well.

Pages: 219. Publication Date: 12 November 2019. My Rating:

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