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Back Chat Beauty (The Beauty Guide for Real Life)

by Sophie Beresiner & Lisa Potter-Dixon

I pre-ordered this book back in August and it has just landed on my doorstep. Even though most of the books I read are on my Kindle is so nice to get a traditional book through the letter box.

The main reason I ordered this book is because I follow Lisa Potter-Dixon on Instagram as she appears on regularly on QVCUK as Benefits Cosmetics Beauty Brand Ambassador. I have also spent many a hour watching her YouTube channel. This is when I came across Lisa Potter-Dixon and Sophie Beresiner’s Back Chat Beauty and I started to watch them as well. They always give really good beauty advice and they are also very entertaining to watch as well.

Due to being a big fan of their’s beauty tips and advice I just knew that I had to have this book! I placed my order for is as soon as I could and I have to say that I’m looking forward to sitting down with a nice cup of coffee and picking up more beauty tips.

Synopsis: What do you get when two beauty experts join forces to talk skincare, make-up and all things in between?

Back Chat Beauty is for anyone who wants to know the secrets to always looking fresh-faced with minimal effort. Beauty and Style Director at Buro and formerly of ELLE magazine, Sophie Beresiner, and makeup artist and podcast host, Lisa Potter-Dixon, join forces to share their knowledge of skincare products and makeup brands, offering advice for every issue.

First up, The Backchat: Sophie and Lisa introduce their specific brand of no-nonsense beauty advice; they’re not here to endorse products or get advertising, this is real advice for real women (and men!). Focusing on what affects the appearance of your skin, from diet to sleep, inflammation to environment, Sophie and Lisa offer up solutions to help you tailor-make a routine that works!

In The Basics, they cover everything from your eyebrows down. After that, they share their tips for creating make-up looks for every day as well as for when you need to wow!

There are chapters on The Good Times that list occasions when you want to look your best as well as a focus on The Disruptors for when life can get in the way, complete with mini `Saviour’ kits for dealing with periods, heartbreak, rain and the rush hour!

Last up it’s time to get Out of the Office and discover how to manage your beauty care away from home. There’ll be holiday prep for all your spray tan tales, advice for taking it to the city or beach and a rundown of the best ways to protect your skin from sun damage.

Together, with their no-nonsense approach, they walk you step-by-step to feeling confident in your own skin. There isn’t a product around that Lisa and Sophie haven’t personally tried or are willing to test.

Join them LIVE on Instagram #backchatbeauty!

For more information about both of the Authors see the list I’ve compiled below:

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