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Claiming Mine

Unforgiven Riders M.C. Book One by Amy Davies

This is the first M.C. series that I have come across that is based in the U.K. Which I found quite surprising and really enjoyable. I can’t wait to read more of this series.

Ana has been working at “Nancy’s Coffee Nook” for the past twelve months. Nancy gave her a job when she and her sister arrived in the town. Also for the last twelve months Nancy’s son Ace McGowan has been flirting with Ana.

Ace is the Sargent-at-Arms for the Unforgiven Riders M.C. and he is your typical Alpha male, and he will not stop at trying to break down Ana’s defences as he wants her for himself. Unbeknownst to Ace, Ana is running away from her past. So she wont take up any of Ace’s advances. She is too frightened to let in another Alpha male in to her life again.

Nancy and Ana’s sister think that Ana and Ace would make a lovely couple as they will balance each other out, and Ace will love and protect her no matter what.

When tragedy strikes and Nancy passes away Ace knows that life is short and that he has to claim what is his, and he wont take no from Ana anymore. He wants everyone to know that she is his, he wants her as his old lady with his property of cut along with a tattoo that also shows everyone that she is his.

The Unforgiven Riders M.C. are mostly law abiding and own a few legitimate establishments, one of them being a local strip club. When one night one of the girls is attacked and badly beaten around the back of the establishment. The M.C. step up security measures around the club, and they also keep a close eye on their girls making sure they get to and from work without any problems.

While they are do everything they can to find out who is behind these attacks, another of the girls turns up dead yet again at the back of the establishment. They check all of their CCTV and find that its men in suits that are attacking the girls, but the men seem to know exactly where the CCTV is as they can’t get a look at their faces.

Nobody realises at the time, but the man behind all of these attacks is a man from Ana’s past. The one man that she has been running away from, hoping he’d never find her and her sister. Will Ace be able to track him and his henchmen down and find out where he’s operating from, and get the justice for the attacks and murder of one of their employees? But most of all will he be able to keep Ana safe from this monster of a man?

So if you want to read an M.C. series that is based in the U.K. and not in the USA, and that is a bit different from the Son’s of Anarchy TV series then these books are for you. Don’t get me wrong I still love my USA M.C. series and will carry one reading them, but it was nice to read an M.C. book based in another country for a change.

Pages: 213. Publication Date: 15 November 2018. My Rating:

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