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MC Chronicles: The Diary of Bink Cummings

Vol 2 by Bink Cummings

I love this series so far, and I can’t wait to read volume 3, but unfortunately I’ve got a few ARC’s to read before I can get back to them. I’m also now the proud owner of a couple of Bink Cummings Sacred Sisters T-shirts. Which I’m sure I’ll end up purchasing more of. Yes I’m a Bink Cummings FAN!!!

I also know that I’ll end up reading everything Bink Cummings has written, her books are so easy to read and you can’t help but fall in love with the Sacred Sinners M.C. and her Sacred Sisters. If you like Scott Hildreth and Penny Dee’s M.C. books then you will love Bink Cummings. For me so far these are my favourite M.C. authors.

Volume 2

This book starts a few months down the line from the end of Vol 1 to be more precises 23 weeks later. Bink has moved to Chicago and is now living with a man that is the polar opposite of her M.C. men. Marshall has no idea of Bink’s past, he doesn’t even know that she goes by the name Bink as she is using her real name Eva.

Marshall is a partner in a law firm. He’s well dressed and groomed with no hair out of place, who is in his 40’s and looks like he just walked off the front of a GQ magazine. Bink met Marshall when she answered an add on Cragslist, for a room to let with a college girl. The college girl in question is Brittany, Marshall’s daughter. Bink knew that she would end up being Brittany’s new room mate before her interview with them ended.

One night a bad storm hits Chicago and most places are with out power. Bink and Brittany are cuddled up in the living room waiting out the storm, when Marshall turns up with pizza making sure that they are both safe. After the pizza is finished and Brittany heads off to bed, Bink starts to be sick.

Marshall looks after her and he realises there and then that Bink is pregnant before she does. Even though she is having someone else’s baby Marshall loves her and doesn’t care who the babies father is. So now she spends most of her time living with Marshall even though she still has her room with Brittany.

Bink is still keeping secrets from Marshall, as she is living a double life. He has no idea where Bink works, that she works at a vintage car and bike restoration shop. That the clothes she leaves home in everyday are cast a side as soon as she gets to work and shes back into her jeans, t-shirt and biker boots. The shop is owned by Deke who is a Sacred Sinners Nomad.

Deke is wanting to become a fully patched member of the original chapter, so Gunz turns up to check him out to make sure that he’ll be a good fit for the Chapter. In doing so he invites himself to dinner with Bink and Marshall. As soon as he walks through the door at Marshall’s Gunz acts like a total dick, trying to intimidate Marshall and in the process alienates Bink.

With the way Gunz acted it’s started a snowball effect on her relationship with Marshall. Which only becomes more strained and probable-some when they go back to the original chapter for Bink’s younger brothers wedding.

That’s not all the problems that crop us when Bink returns home, as the only people that know Bink is pregnant are her Sacred Sisters and they have been sworn to secrecy. Will this visit home be the end of Bink and Marshall? What will Big’s reaction to Bink coming home and being pregnant do to their relationship? All will be answered if you read the book.

Like I’ve already said this book is even better than volume 1 and I can’t wait to carry on reading the rest. This series is a must for anyone who loves M.C. books, as well as a great story its full of sexy tattooed bikers and lots of hot steamy sex. Definitely an 18+ book.

Pages: 212. Publication Date: 21 January 2015. My Rating:

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