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May’s Random Book of the Month Review

Darkness Awakened (Order of the Blade) by Stephanie Rowe

This book really did not live up to my expectations at all. I’ve read other books in the past with immortal beings and their curses. That if and when they find their soul mate it will be a death sentence for both of them.

It felt so long winded, rambling and very slow. The best part of the book to me was the last few chapters as they were at a much better pace and far more enjoyable than the rest of the book. I have to say that I don’t think that I will be reading any more books in this series as there are another 11 books. The books may get better as they go forward with the story but this series just isn’t for me.

Grace Matthews is an Illusionist just like her younger sister Ana who has been kidnapped. The difference between their illusions is that Ana creates such happy and uplifting illusions and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Where Graces illusions are so dark and dangerous to her and anyone near to her when an illusion takes hold. Grace has been doing everything that she can to stop these dreadful illusions and her sister Ana is the light that keeps them away. Grace has nobody she can turn to in the quest to find her sister except for Quinn Masters.

Quinn Masters is a Calydon an Immortal Warrior, with a band of brothers who fight for the same purpose. To stop rogue Claydons and their soulmates/sheva from going rouge and causing death and distruction in their wake.

The Claydons have been cursed by the two brothers that made their race. Once a Claydon finds his soulmate/sheva all that matters to both of them is their bond and this bond destroys everything in their way. So it’s up to the non rouge Claydons to hunt down and kill their brothers or try to save him if he’s not gone to rouge by sacrificing his soulmate/sheva.

Grace finds Quinn and pleads with him to help her find and rescue her sister. Quinn isn’t interested in helping Grace. Until they both realise that her sisters kidnapping is connected to some of his brothers becoming evil and killing other Claydons as though to wipe them all out.

Someone is using Ana’s illusions to control and harm other Claydons. The person who has kidnapped Ana is torturing her to make the most deadliest of illusions and making Claydons attack each other. All in the quest of freeing one of the most deadliest of Claydons to walk the earth one of the originals.

Quinn has no choice but to help Grace, but can he get the rest of his brothers to help and not kill Grace with her also being an illusionist and Quinn’s soulmate/sheva?

Pages: 351. Publication Date: 15 March 2012. My Rating:

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