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Am I Being A Bit Too Prickly????

Reading & Review Slump

I don’t know what it is but over the last 2 weeks I’ve been struggling to read the books that I have put on May’s Reading List. I have then gone on to struggle with writing the reviews.

I don’t know if its because the weather has been so good here in my part of the U.K. and I’ve wanted to go out in the sun. Usually when the weather is like this you’ll find me in the shade reading, but not this month so far. I just want to be out and about and can’t sit still.

Or is it just that the books I’ve chosen to read. I have no idea, but I hope that I get out of this slump quickly or I’ll end up loosing my 7 books a head of schedule for 2019’s reading challenge. Especially seeing that this year I pledged to read 80 instead of my usual one book a week pledge (52).

Or am I being a bit prickly about the books I’ve chosen? Why have I chosen the word PRICKLY well if you see what the dictionary says, I think I’ve chosen the right word.



covered in prickles. “masses of prickly brambles” .

synonyms: spiky, spiked, thorny, barbed, spiny, pronged, bristled, bristly; 

(of a person) ready to take offence: “she came across as prickly and generally difficult”.

Synonyms: irritable, irascible, peevish, fractious, fretful, cross, crabbed, crabby, crotchety, cantankerous, curmudgeonly, disagreeable, miserable, morose, petulant, pettish, peppery, on edge, edgy, impatient, complaining, querulous, bitter, moody, huffy, grumpy, scratchy, ill-tempered, bad-tempered, ill-natured, ill-humoured, sullen, surly, sulky, sour, churlish, touchy, testy, tetchy, grouchy, snappish, waspish, crusty, bilious, liverish, dyspeptic, splenetic, choleric.

Informal: snappy, chippy, cranky, narky, ratty, eggy, stroppy, whingy, whingeing, peckish, soreheaded, snaky, miffy, waxy. “Mr Griffith was a prickly character”.

Wow just look at some of those words that mean nearly the same as prickly. Yes I definitely chose the right word.

So I could just be impatient with what I’m reading. I hope I get over it soon.

However my reading and review slump hasn’t affected how many books I’ve purchased and acquired and my TBR is still increasing at a silly rate. Typical!!!

*** What do you do to get out of a reading and reviewing slump, I’d love to know. All ideas welcome. ***

2 thoughts on “Am I Being A Bit Too Prickly????”

  1. Don’t feel bad; everyone hits the slump. The weather might be the cause but more than likely, its the books. Try switching to flash fiction/short story collections or a new genre. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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