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Random Book of the Month

Starting from next month I'm going to pull out a random book of the month from my Douwe Egberts Random Book Jar. If your wondering what that funny upside down test tube next to the Jar is, it's a Storm Glass that Admiral Robert FitzRoy made popular in the 1860's, I got it when I… Continue reading Random Book of the Month

Book Blitzes

Biker Baby (Kings of Mayhem Book Three) Book Blitz

Biker Baby Penny Dee (Kings of Mayhem MC #3) Publication date: April 19th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance I was about to make a huge mistake. And when I say huge, I mean, approximately ten inches’ worth of mistake. But after the week I’d had, this was just what I needed. A night of big… Continue reading Biker Baby (Kings of Mayhem Book Three) Book Blitz

Book Review


The Dragon Commander by Kennedy King SkyLine is set way into the future. The world isn't the world we know now. The World in this future is slowly dying. The year is 2350 and the world is run by the WCC (world crisis council). Finch has just graduated out of the academy, and for the… Continue reading SkyLine

Just for Fun, Reading Challenge


Again I saw this Book Tag on The Bibliophagist blog and just knew I had to try this TBR Alphabet Book Tag. RULES Name a book title from your TBR for every letter of the alphabet (can exclude words like ‘the’ if need be) these must be books that you have physical/e-book copies of and… Continue reading TAG: TBR ALPHABET BOOK TAG