Book Review


The Dragon Commander by Kennedy King

SkyLine is set way into the future. The world isn’t the world we know now. The World in this future is slowly dying. The year is 2350 and the world is run by the WCC (world crisis council).

Finch has just graduated out of the academy, and for the last three weeks he has been assigned to precinct 117 in Shanghai. It is well known that this precinct isn’t in the best shape. It was a relic from a time gone by, before the WCC took over. However all the officers have a Squire assigned to them courtesy of the WCC.

The Squires are robots, but not the type of robots we know. These robots are AI’s made out of nanotechnology and Cold Fusion (the elements of which can be found under Mars’ crust, which they have been mining since they colonised Mars), also making them capable of shape shifting. They are so black and shiny that you can see your reflection in them, and all they have for a face is a shiny black oval. To make people feel more relaxed around them their faces light up in a lavender colour when they speak.

On this particular morning just as Finch was getting ready to clock in for that days shift all hell breaks loose. All of the squires turn on their partners and they are massacred, all that is but Finch. Today is Finche’s lucky day as his Squire protects him from being massacred. He thought he was the unlucky one having to babysit a child like Squire as it’s in beta testing, it has been given a personality matrix and a more human name than all of the other models. His name is DA-Vos.

Major General Christopher Droan, has been called back to take charge of his unit. As they have already dealt and survived with a similar crisis. They have been tasked with hunting down the rogue Squires and eliminate them before they carry out more carnage.

The Major General doesn’t trust all the new technology that has become available to earth. To him Cold Fusion technology was the work of the devil. Going on a mission like this he wont be going anywhere without his old style guns an M16. As you just never know if your Cold Fusion gun would let you down.

What makes this mission so different is that the Major General doesn’t know how it will change his life and maybe the earths future.

For such a short book it’s fast and action packed with cool science of the future. So much so, it’s such a possibility this is how things could be in the future. It’s like Terminator and I Robot in one, or a much more up to date version that feels more believable than I Robot. I’m really looking forward to the next chapter in the SkyLine series.

***Pages: 90. Publication Date: 21 October 2018. My Rating: ***

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