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Random Book of the Month

Starting from next month I’m going to pull out a random book of the month from my Douwe Egberts Random Book Jar.

If your wondering what that funny upside down test tube next to the Jar is, it’s a Storm Glass that Admiral Robert FitzRoy made popular in the 1860’s, I got it when I visited the Museum of Science & Technology, Manchester UK I’m a bit of a geek and I love my gadgets (even an old 19th Century gadget).

My Douwe Egberts
Random Book Jar

I can’t remember what books are written on the coloured pieces of paper, as the last time I actually added any books to the jar must have been sometime in 2017. I may find out that the odd book has been read. But it shouldn’t be many as I have only tended to read my most recent purchases and the ARC’s that I’ve been receiving.

I got this idea from a post on Pintrest as I have so many books I was struggling on deciding what books to read. So I thought why not turn it in to a regular feature each month.

So on the first Monday of each month I will draw out one of the pieces of paper and tell you what book has been randomly picked. Once I have read the book I will then post a review on the random book. Some of the books are on my Kindle and some of the book are on my Sony E-reader.

I haven’t used my Sony E-reader for a few years but I keep charging it up to make sure it’s working as it should.

I love my Kindle Voyage I upgraded to this model in June 2017 from my Kindle Paper White which I have passed on to my mum. Who was 81 at the time, she wasn’t to keen on it at first as she didn’t know what she was doing with it, but she soon got over that and uses it regularly. Before either of the Kindle’s I had the Sony E-reader which I must have had for over a decade now. Wow that has just shocked me, as I didn’t realise how long I’ve been reading digital books. I could never get rid of my Sony E-reader as it has sentimental meaning to me. Yes it’s a gadget and its not real but it’s what helped me to get back in to reading as I was struggling with traditional books. I also know that I have some very good books on it, and lots of unread books too.

So hopefully I’ll actually start to read the books that have been on my To Read List for far too long.

***So please pop by on Monday 6 May to see what my Random Book of the Month is. ***

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