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Book Review: Daisy’s Run (the clockwork chimera #1)

By: Scott Baron

If like me you love Si-Fi such as Terminator where all the cyborgs are out to kill all of mankind here is a different spin on cyborgs and the human race.

Daisy and the rest of the crew are awoken early from their cryo sleep when something goes wrong with their ship, on its way back to earth.

The ship (Vali) is run by a super smart AI call Mal, along with its cyborg helper. That Daisy finds she doesn’t trust as it always seems to be interfering in her business. Daisy is one of the two tech’s on the ship and they are kept busy repairing and replacing kit throughout the ships crawl spaces.

The longer Daisy is on the ship she feels as though things aren’t all they should be as they loose a member of the crew under suspicious circumstances. She gets it in to her head that the AI and the part human part machine crew are out to destroy humankind and that she is their next target, making her go on the run while still on the ship knowing all of the places to hide. The crew and the ship try to reassure her but she doesn’t believe a word they say and she eventually escapes the ship stealing a small spacecraft attached to the Vali, in hope of reaching the darkside of the moon base or earth before they do so she can warn them of the danger.

While all this is going on she’s not so sure if she is going mad as she hears another voice in her head that she talks to and who also helps her to survive being an extra set of eyes and ears.

I could go in to a lot more detail about the book and all the other characters but I don’t want to put in any spoilers. I know some of the science isn’t correct and other people have slated it for that but if you can ignore that, I think you will enjoy the concept of this book as it’s different. Other Si-Fi books I have read in the past have not had me captivated me and sent my imagination into whirl.

Pages: 361. Publication Date: 17 December 2018. My Rating:

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