Reading Challenge

My Summer Reads So Far…

Well I have to say that I’m surprised at how many books I have read so far this summer! But then again with the football World Cup, Wimbledon and other sports there really hasn’t been to much on tv to watch if you don’t like sport.

So I’ve spent most of my days and evenings reading and also reading during the night as I can’t sleep which is quite often.

I read most types of books, chick lit, rom com, fantasy, post apocalyptic, vampire, witches, shapeshifter, paranormal romance, time travel, with a few steamy books thrown in.

Most of all I love free kindle books, there are a lot more free book on Amazon than I thought especially since I joined it’s easy to sign up to and you can choose what genres or authors you want to follow, how often you get emails with updates. I get an email every day just to make sure I don’t miss any free books as some are only free for a short time. In the last couple of days I have downloaded 20 free books. Ok so some are book one in a series and some are stand alone.

I have found that some of free books are only about 100 pages long so I don’t bother to download them, especially if they are from a series, as I don’t like to pay good money out for a book with so few pages, and I can’t see that a book with so few pages being a really good read. I could be wrong but that’s my opinion.  So the minimum amount of pages I tend to go for are about 250.

With using I have found lots of authors out there that I probably wouldn’t know about and I’ve read some really good series because of this.

Im also a member of where I can list every book that I read each year. I used to write a list of books that I have read but it’s much easier to see if I’ve already read a book, rather than having to look manually through different reading journals.

On there is an annual reading challenge where you pledge to read how ever many books you think you can get through in 12 months. For the last few years I have pledged 52 books one a weeks. Which I think is do able, so far this year I have read 77 books. With 26 of them being what I have read this summer. With the lowest amount of pages being 228 to the largest amount of pages being 498.

Here are a couple of my summer reads:


Can you keep a secret


Summer (the matchmaker chronicles #1)


Flatliners (medicine & magic #1)

I have really enjoyed these 3 books the 1st one Can you keep a secret is so funny I have read this book twice once when it was first published as a paperback, and it still disappoint second time round. It had me laughing out loud so much. The 2nd book Summer (the matchmaker chronicles #1) also has its funny moments and is quite typical of parents trying to be matchmaker to their children. The 3rd book Flatliners (medicine & magic), is a really good book I read it within a day as I just couldn’t put it down. I’ve read lost of book to do with mages, vampires and shapeshifters but this book is quite different to a lot of these types of books. So if you enjoy books about magic and are sick of the usual run of the mill books then I recommend this book.

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