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Last One at the Party

by Bethany Clift

Just brilliant!!! I love post apocalyptic books and I have to say that this book is fantastic. It’s just the type of book that captures your imagination. This book is very different from the usual post apocalyptic books I’ve read, there are no zombies, aliens or genetically modified nanites. I have to say that the ending of the book isn’t what I expected at all. It’s a book I could read again. The book is up to date with what has happened during the 2020 Covid-19 and Brexit as they are mentioned in the book. To say that we are already living with a pandemic this book isn’t depressing as some people might think.

A pandemic break out in Kansas and it soon sweeps though out the world. The UK cut’s its self off from the rest of the world hoping to keep the virus away from its shores.

But in November 2023 the virus 6DM (Six Days Maximum) which is the longest time your body has once you’ve caught it. However one woman seams to be surviving, while everyone dies around her even her husband.

Once the lone survivor has lost her husband, she starts to realise that she appears to be the only person still alive. So she goes on a shopping spree in Harrods, drinking expensive champagne as she stacks trollies with designer things, expensive food along with anything that takes her fancy.

One she’s loaded up her car she goes to her best friends house to see if he’s still alive. But like everyone else he was dead. She found him in bed with two hot guys and a huge bag of cocaine. So she knew that he at least went out in the way he wanted.

She decided that she would stay there as his place was far nicer than her’s. He had all the mod cons as well as his own night club in the basement so for a while she went on a cocaine and alcohol binge.

One day she realises that she needs to go to the TV studio as it was still broadcasting. Once she arrived there it was obvious that someone had thought of everything. The doors were open and someone had kindly put up posters pointing the way to the way to the studio.

She ends up cussing herself that she wasted so much time feeling sorry for herself in her drug and alcohol haze instead of seeing if someone else had survived.

When the power finally went out she knew she had no other choice but to leave London and go in search of other survivors.

On her travels she wasn’t totally alone as she found a golden retriever that was half starved, as it was still locked up in a house. She released the dog thinking the dog would just go off and fend for himself, but he just kept trying to follow her. So she picks him up and puts him in the car with all of her supplies.

They travel all the way up to Scotland stopping every so often to beep the car horn to see if anyone is still out there. Most of this is done in a haze of Tramadol as she finds that she needs it to keep on going.

The journey isn’t that easy as she comes across different obstacles, such as getting caught in a snow storm, running from giant rats or packs of dogs. When she finally meets another person they threaten to shoot her.

She keeps on wondering as to the point of going on trying to keep herself alive. When she realises something, which changes her mind. She heads off to a place that she has been to before an eco cabin in the country that she know she could try and make as her home.

Will she always be on her own will she finally find other survivors??

This is a brilliant book. I like others would like to know about some of the missing pieces, so we can only hope that the author is able to do that in another book if we are lucky.

I loved this book so much that I have ordered a Signed Hardback Edition from Waterstones and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Pages: 400, Publication Date: 4 February 2021, My Rating:

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