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September Round Up

This September I managed to read 11 books. Which I’m very pleased with as it means I have a much better chance of competing this years GoodReads Reading Challenge.

I’m sure all of you will have noticed that I haven’t written any reviews this month. I just felt that I needed to give myself some time away from writing my reviews. I’ve been struggling to concentrate and put pen to paper. I know other book bloggers that I follow have also been having similar issues with writing their own book reviews too.

I think part of it is down to Covid19, even though some things are getting back to the new normal we are still living with uncertainty everyday. In the area I live in we are now back in the High Risk of being in a local Lockdown. I keep an eye of the daily figures for new cases and it seems to be going up more quickly than it did at the beginning of this pandemic.

Since lockdown ended a couple of months ago I have only been out 4 times out of necessity, as I feel it’s just too risky for me to go due to my low immune system. This may sound as though I’m being over cautious but I am used to being at home and not going out. In 2018 due to my health not being good I hardly left the house and when I had my car serviced and MOT done I had only driven 69 miles all year. The last couple of years and even with this years lockdown I have managed far more miles than that. So in context

I’m hoping with this break I can get back on track and write my reviews to my usual standard, as I don’t want to do a disservices to the authors that have kindly given me copies of their books to read and review.

September Reviews:

Non this month

Books Read This Month:

  1. The Secret of You and Me by Melissa Lenhardt
  2. Lost In Me (Here & Now #1) by Lexi Ryan
  3. Fall To You (Here & Now #2) by Lexi Ryan
  4. All For This (Here & Now #3) by Lexi Ryan
  5. Bull (Kings of Mayhem MC #6) by Penny Dee
  6. Roommaid by Sariah Wilson
  7. The Billionaire Needs A Bodyguard by Ravina Hillard
  8. Vampire Hunters Daughter (Complete Collection) by Jennifer Malone Wright
  9. Minus (Burning Saints MC #1) by Jack Davenport
  10. Clutch (Burning Saints MC #2) by Jack Davenport
  11. Claiming Mia (Dot Com Wolves #1) by Alisa Woods

Recently Acquired Books This Month:

Pre-Ordered Books:
Amazon First Read:
Amazon Purchases:
BookBub Free Books:

For a list of all the FREE books Via BookBub please go to Books Acquired via BookBub in September Post.

Book Blitz Posted This Month:

  • Non this Month

Book Blitz Cover Reveals This Month:

  • Non this Month

September’s Favourite NetGalley Cover
The Perfect Life by Nuala Ellwood
September’s Favourite BookBub Cover
Frat House Confessions: Ridge by Bethany Lopez

So the reasons for this months favourite book covers for the four different categories are:

The Perfect Life: Will it really had to be this cover as it’s the only NetGalley book that I requested and received this month.

Frat House Confessions: Ridge: It his eyes that kept me coming back to choosing this cover as my favourite BookBub cover, and lets face it he is cute!

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