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Books Acquired Via BookBub August 2020

Well I think I’m going to surprise you! This month is the first month in a very long time, that I haven’t downloaded any free books via BookBub. I know I’ve been trying to be more selective about the books that I do download, but this month non of the books that were free appealed to me. However there were a few books that BookBub introduced me to, that did pique my interest. So this month I have purchased a few more books. To see the books that I have purchased throughout August please come back on the 3 September to see Augusts Round Up.

If you haven’t already joined BookBub why not its free to join, you have full control on how often they send you an email and what sort of books and authors you want to hear about. Believe me it’s well worth it, as it can save you a lot of pennies or dollars especially at the moment when we all need to tighten our belts financially.

Just click on the button below to join:

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