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Random Book of the Month Update

As I told you earlier this month when I pulled the Random Book of the Month out of the Jar of Books. That I was in the process of making a new Jar of Books. I decided to download a list of all the books I have on Goodreads. As Goodreads gives you the option to export your books.

It took quite a while for the list to generate and once it did I transferred it in to a spreadsheet. The document that is generated by Goodreads lists all your books even the ones you’ve read. So I had to take out all of those along with all of my ARC’s from NetGalley, Xpresso Tours and Independent Authors. This still left me with loads and loads of books on my list.

The next thing I did was to put them in to order of the day they were added to Goodreads. Then I did a mail merge listing the following:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Edition (Kindle or Traditional Book)
  • Pages
  • Date added to Goodreads
  • Bookshelf & Position
I printed 13 pages of 242 pages

After printing out the 13 pages each containing 6 books and it’s information, I cut them all to size and then put them in to my NEW Jar of Books. I have gone for a bigger jar this time and I spent sometime decorating it. I have to say it’s taken me a few days to sort all of this out but I’m very pleased with the finished product.

As you can see from the photo’s above I’ve decorated the Jar of Books with a few mythical creatures (I just couldn’t help myself) and a tag saying Jar of Books with some pretty coloured bakers twine. My Craft room also comes in handy for not only making cards.

Please let me know what you think of my NEW Jar of Books which I will start using next month. So pop by on 6 July 2020 so see what books I pull out.

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