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The Summer We Ran Away

by Jenny Oliver

This is a very funny laugh out loud, feel good book with some rekindling of love that had become strained. It made me laugh out loud many times, it also made me cringe the odd time too. A light heart’ed book to read during the summer. With such funny escapades that are beyond belief, this really is going to be one of your best summer reads.

Julia and Charlie are the newest residents to make Ceder Road their home. They were both welcomed to the street by Lexi the queen bee, the one who either lets you in to her little inner circle or shuns you if you don’t fit in with her.

Every summer Lexi and her husband Hamish host the summer party of all parties, which only the select few get invited to. Julia and Charlie are invited and Julia ends up spending money they don’t have, on clothes for the party as she is desperate to become one of Lexi’s inner circle of friends.

The theme of the party is white hot. With not knowing what to wear to fit in Julia starts to following Lexi on Instagram. She finds herself purchasing knock off designer clothes similar to what she sees Lexi wearing, even though the style of clothes don’t suit Julia.

This spending isn’t doing much good to Julia and Charlie’s already depleting bank account. It turns out that they have bought the house from hell! Just as they get one problem sorted out another more expensive problem crops up. They have ploughed through their savings and now have a spreadsheet planning their life and wages for the next 5 years. This in turn has been putting some strain on Julia and Charlie’s relationship.

On the day of the party dressed up in her knock off designer dress Julia and Charlie arrive at Lexi’s. When Julia steps in to the house she is in awe of how Lexi has decorated her house and how effortless she seems to make everything look. While Julia feels everything is a huge task.

When the party is well underway Lexi and Hamish try to get everyone in to the huge Jacuzzi they have hired. This is where everything starts going wrong for Julia, as Hamish and everyone in the Jacuzzi start to taunt Charlie in to joining them, but Charlie just doesn’t want any part of if. When Julia joins in with the rest of them she sees that she has just made things even more strained between her and Charlie.

When Julia and Lexi are talking in the kitchen a bit later on they both end up picking each others phones up by accident, and as Julia heads back outside within minutes everyones mobiles start beeping with notifications. To Julia’s horror Lexi has shared some of Julia’s private WhatsApp messages to her best friend. Where she has told her about some of the dreams she’s had about Lexi’s husband Hamish. Julia is so humiliated and Charlie looks so hurt she runs off.

This is where Amber, Julia’s next door neighbour becomes her savior. She is just about to head off to France. She is going to all of the big antique fairs that are being held over the next few days. To see what she can pick up for her business. Usually Amber travels with her son, but he is off on his own adventure travelling around the continent with his girlfriend.

This is where all the fun begins, as they find themselves racing around France trying to catch up to Amber’s son who is looking for his real father. Amber and Julia find themselves getting in to all kinds of trouble along the way. All the while Julia is trying to figure out what she want’s out of life and how she can mend her relationship with Charlie.

As I’ve already said, with it’s funny escapades, this really is going to be one of your best summer reads. You won’t be able to put it down.

Pages: 384, Publication Date: 11 June 2020. My Rating:

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