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Books Acquired Via BookBub in March 2020

  1. She Owns the Knight by Diane Darcy
  2. Alien Attraction (Alien Mate Book 2) by Carol Bristol
  3. Reunion Fling by Bethany Lopez
  4. Renegade (The Captive Series #2) by Erica Stevens
  5. Frost (Midnight Ice Book 1) by Kaitlyn Davis
  6. Thorn (Lords of Carnage MC Book 5) by Daphne Loveling
  7. Holly Freakin’ Hughes by Kelsey Kingsley
  8. Cupcakes, Trinkets & Other Deadly Magic by Meghan Ciana Doidge
  9. My Dragon Lord (Broken Souls Book 1) by Alisa Woods
  10. Evershade (The Shifter Chronicles Book 1) by Michelle Areaux
  11. Fakers (Canaan Island Book 1) by Meg Collett
  12. A Gladiator’s Oath (Roman Hearts Book 1) by Tanya Bird
  13. Reckless in Love by Bella Andre & Jennifer Skully
  14. Reaper’s Blood (The Grimm Brotherhood Book 1) by Kel Carpenter & Meg Anne
  15. Hellion’s Ride Box Set 1-4 (Hellion’s MC) by Chelsea Camaron
  16. Dying to Meet You by Rich Amooi
  17. Wickedest Witch (Hell’s Son Book 0) by Eve Langlais
  18. A veil Removed (Henrietta & Inspector Howard Book 4) by Michelle Cox
  19. The Knife-Edge Path by Patrick T Leahy
  20. The Honeymooner by Melanie Summers
  21. The Enigma Strain by Nick Thacker

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