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It’s Not About the Books Today!

Well a couple of months ago no one would have expected the world to be on lock down. To some of you and including me it reminds me of all of the Post Apocalyptic books and movies that I love to read & watch as I’m an addict to things like that. Except there are no Zombies or Nano tech eating us etc, but there is a virus!!

In most way for me nothing has changed as over the last 15 years (when I finally had to give up working due to my bad health) I have spent many, many days, weeks & months on my own.

A few years ago, I didn’t see any of my friends socially for just over 2 years, because I was just to ill to go out. The only person I saw was my mum and on some occasions that was only because she has a key to let herself in. If any of my friends had turned up to see me they would have been turned away as I just wouldn’t have been able to cope.

So I thought I’d write a post with a few things I have discovered over the last 15 year of mainly being house bound, which the world has now found it’s self in.

Every couple of days I will write a quick post with some tips that others will hopefully find useful, with normal every day life being on hold. Don’t worry I will still be doing my book reviews as that’s the reason I have this blog.

Tip 1:

Your Cars

Have you thought about your car batteries?

  • One of the most important things to remember is to turn your car engine over at least once a week while your unable to go out.
  • Or purchase a solar power battery charger. I have one of these it’s easy to use and it will save you money. AA Solar Power Battery Charger

My car battery isn’t the old acid type battery that we have all been used to it is one of the new technology batteries that contains precious metals in it and costs a minim of £250/$293 on a good day. I was told by the AA that some more modern cars than mine which is only a 2014 plate have TWO batteries and can cost a minimum of £800/$936 per battery.

What about your tyres?

Dob’t let you car stand in the same spot for more than a couple of weeks, as your tyres will end up with uneven tyres and make your ride very bumpy. It will also put more stress on one particular part of the tyres as well which will cause the rubber on the tyres to deteriorate sooner rather than later.

So when you turn your car over just move backwards and forwards a little bit so the car will then be standing on a different part of the tyres. This is one thing I make sure I do regularly when I’m not well enough to go out. As in the long run it will save you having to replace your tyres earlier than expected.

What about condensation in your car?

My car gets a lot of condensation in it due to the lack of use. So I started to put in Anti Humidity Packs in my car so it doesn’t go smelling musty. It really does work and you’ll be amazed at the amount of water they collect in your car. This is the type of Anti Humidity Packs I use

I hope some of these little tips help you. Please let me know what you think and also please tell me your tips.

Keep safe Alex (Gadgetgirl71)

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