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Books Acquired Via BookBub in January 2020

Well it looks like I still can’t resist the Free books that BookBub tell me about every day. I have been trying to cut down on the books, bu it’s just impossible I really am a Bookaholic. So here is my list of the books I acquired in January 2020.

  1. Stay with Me by Kristen Proby
  2. Beard Science Forbidden Love Book 3 by Penny Reid
  3. The Red King: Wilde Justice Book 1 by Jenn Stark
  4. Covenant College: The Complete Series by Amanda M Lee
  5. Marked (Soul Guardians Book 1) by Kim Richardson
  6. Christmas Magic by Alexandra Moody
  7. Pink Bits (Awkward Book 1) by J. B. Heller
  8. Falling Series Books 1-5 by Tracy Lorraine
  9. Valentine’s Day Kisses (Boxed Set) by Addison Moore
  10. More From Life by S. J. Crabb
  11. Stitch (Satan’s Fury MC Book 2 by L Wilder
  12. Healed: Stone & Pepper (Cliffside Bay Book 7) by Tess Thompson
  13. An Event to Remember… or Not Book 1 by Melissa Baldwin
  14. Royal (Rixton Falls Book 1) by Winter Renshaw
  15. Carpool (Milford College Book 1) by Noelle Adams
  16. The Rookery (Penny Green Series Book 2) by Emily Organ
  17. The Handfasters (Lowland Romance Book 1) by Helen Susan Swift
  18. Wild & True by Frankie Love
  19. The Wedding Catch (The Wedding Whisperer Book 2) by Susan Hatler
  20. The Eden Paradox by Barry Kirwan
  21. 1929 (Book 1, 1929 Series) by M L Gardner
  22. 1996 (90’s Flashback Series Book 1) by Kirsty McManus
  23. Primal Howl (Primal Howlers M C Book 1) by Pipper Davenport
  24. Checkmate (Checkmate Duet Book 3) by Kennedy Fox

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