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S is for Sister

by Tara Hart

I just Love love loved this book. This book did not turn out how I expected it!! I think anyone who reads this book will be very surprised at the twists and turns. I really can’t wait to read the next book M for Mister in this trilogy.

Selina and Savannah are identical twins, the only way to tell them apart is that Selina is one dress size smaller than Savannah.

One evening when the family was having a family meal, Jared mistook Savannah for his wife. While she was filling up the dishwasher he went up to her and started to kiss and fondle her. Savannah really didn’t want him to stop, but he was married to her sister. Reluctantly she managed to squeak out “I’m not Selina”. Jared apologised as though it was an honest mistake, but to Savannah it felt as though it meant far more to both of them than it should have.

Again at another family meal with everyone in attendance, Selina and Savannah’ mother noticed that Jared and Savannah were acting differently. So as soon as an opportunity arose Savannah was pulled aside by their mother. Asking her what was going on between her and Jared as she had noticed he couldn’t take his eyes off of her all night and not to forget that he is married to her twin sister!

Does Jared keep perusing Savannah even though he’s married to Selina, as he just keeps turning up around Savannah when Selina is out of town or else where. Will Savannah do the right thing by her sister?

This book is a must read. I would like to say more but if I do it will really spoil the story for you and that is something I can’t do.

Pages: 180. Publication Date: 7 August 2019. My Rating:

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