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NetGalley 2020 New Years Resolutions

NetGalley have put an interesting post on their Instagram page. Asking us what are resolutions will be for 2020. They have given us some suggestions and they have also left room for us to put down our own resolutions.

NetGalley Resolutions for 2020

I didn’t need to tick all of these as I’m quite good at those already. However here are the reasons for me ticking off the resolutions that I have:

  • I’m looking forward to trying out the audio excerpts with this being a new feature.
  • Some of the books I’ve chosen to review have already been published so I’ll take more notice of the date as well as the book being of interest for me to read.
  • I share my reviews on one retailers website but I could do with putting some reviews on other retailers websites.
  • I need to share my reviews on Facebook and maybe some other social networks other than my blog/Instagram/Twitter.
  • I think it’ll be fun to vote for my favourite book covers even if I don’t want to read the book
  • I definitely need to conquer my TBR on NetGalley this year.

My Extra Resolutions for NetGalley 2020

The reason for me adding these resolutions are:

  • I need to make some notes as I’m reading the books so I can write my reviews more quickly
  • Trying not to get distracted while reading may not be that easy to do, as the distractions are usually not from my making
  • My reading speed seems to have gone down a little bit this year, as last year I managed to read far more book and I had a much bigger page count as well
  • I need to concentrate more on the books I have already downloaded from NetGalley rather than the books I’ve purchased

***If you read and review books from NetGalley do you have the same resolutions as I have or have you got some resolutions that I’ve not even thought about? ***

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