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Christmas Books on my TBR Book Tag

After completing two Christmas Book Tags (Christmas Book Tag & The End of the Year Book Tag) it got me to wonder how many Christmas Books are on my GoodReads TBR List. So I have gone through my TBR and made a new Shelf just for Christmas Books. Then I thought why not start a new Christmas Book Tag. Anyone can join in all I ask is that you Tag me in so I can see your answers.

How many Christmas Books are on your TBR?

I have 18 Books on my Christmas TBR.

Which Book has been on your TBR the longest?

Christmas at Cooper Mountain by Jane Porter has been on my TBR since 16 October 2016

Which Christmas book cover do you like the most?

A Vicarage Christmas by Kate Hewitt

Do you plan on reading any of these Christmas books during the Holidays?

If I get a chance to read anymore Christmas books after the books I have put down to read this month it has to be: The Rejected Writer’s Christmas Wedding by Suzanne Kelman.

Is there one Christmas book that you like to keep reading?

Yes. I find The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore quite a funny and not your typical Christmas book.

Lastly tag a couple of friends if you can.

I Tag: TheEuphoricZat, Purple Manatees, KayCKay, The Bibliophagist, Beckie Bookworm.

*** Thank you for taking parts. ***

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